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modern sales
best practices & skills

Whether in person or virtual, salespeople need a training experience that takes the mystery out of how to apply new practices or skills in the real world.  DSG creates client-specific training programs that combine DSG methodology with the realities of your market, products, culture and team sophistication.

training delivery approach


vPlaybook is a video-based training app for sellers, mangers and channel partners.


The vPlaybook SaaS app will accelerate learning through content, tools, and video-based training on any device. Your strategy, message, sales process and coaching framework packaged into an interactive experience that replaces static learning material.


Live Virtual Training


small group discussions, large group Q&A, SME videos, polling that propels the learning path


music, videos, fun polls, daily competitions



application to the real world, individual practice, role plays, assessments with feedback


Exercises, Practice, Role Play, Competition, Certification



Sales Manager Prep Kit

Slides for Team Meeting

Video for Team Meeting


sales training programs

Saes Conversation Training

sales conversation training

How to prepare for and lead insightful sales conversations that result in faster sales cycles and higher win rates

core learning modules
  • Give to get:  developing & delivering insights

  • Uncovering the customer dilemma – known or unknown

  • Developing a sales conversation strategy (Why Change, Why Now, Why Us?)

  • Tailoring insights by industry

  • Tailoring insights by audience

  • Leading an executive conversation (7 steps)

  • Competing on value vs. price

Remote Selling

remote selling

How to lead remote conversations and thrive in a virtual selling environment

core learning modules
  • Setting up your virtual workplace

  • Preparing for a video call

  • Engaging distracted buyers

  • Creating a fast start

  • Give to get

  • Letting the customer pick their path

  • Using engaging visuals

  • Drawing on the screen (what, when, how)

Sales Process Training

sales process training

How to navigate complex opportunities and influence the customer buying process to win more deals

core learning modules
  • Understanding each step of the customer buying process

  • Win - loss analysis

  • Application of each sales process stage (lead to close)

  • Developing a territory plan (business plan)

  • Generating opportunities and creating a healthy pipeline

  • Developing executive sponsorship

  • Building an opportunity strategy 

  • Managing the forecast based on customer buying milestones

Account Expansion Training

account expansion training

How to sell wider and deeper in existing accounts and creating long-term value for the customer

core learning modules
  • Account management vs. account development

  • Understanding the account development lifecycle

  • Building a smart account strategy

  • Account IQ:  account analysis and research

  • Proactive relationship development

  • Opportunity development and qualification

  • Solution implementation and validation

  • Leveraging the broader account team

  • Developing account-level executive sponsorship

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