Vertical Selling

As you make the shift to a vertical specific selling approach, how will sellers be equipped to lead compelling sales conversations?  Leading vertical conversations means every seller knows how deliver insight and ask smart questions based on industry trends, pressures, and opportunities.  DSG can help you accelerate sales mastery of vertical selling best practices and messaging through video-based sales playbooks, custom training and continuous learning.

Big Idea

Vertical specific sales conversations that deliver business Insight


  • Differentiation through specialization

  • More complete solutions and larger deals

  • Increased market share in a key vertical

Common Vertical Selling Mistakes

Lack of consensus on our industry value proposition and messaging (What is our company POV?)


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Assumption that salespeople will easily gain the confidence to engage with vertical insight


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Vertical guides that are deep on market insight but light on how to lead a vertical specific conversation


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Change Vision for Vertical Selling

  • Generic horizontal messaging

  • Vertical insights and talk tracks

  • General product or solution conversations

  • Connecting to specific use cases

  • Individual sales pursuits

  • Team-based selling with industry specialists

Playbook Approach to Vertical Selling

DSG Solution

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Playbook Development

High Impact



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