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What is Selling with Insight?

Chances are, you are trying to drive your sales team to selling with insights. The first step to achieving this is the development of a team-wide understanding of selling with insight.

What Selling with Insight Isn’t Knowing what selling with insight starts by having a proper perspective on what it is not.

Selling with insight Is Not...

  • describing all of your products, features, and functions

  • listing off a series of problems to determine if they're facing those problems, and then describing your solution

  • asking the prospect lots of questions to get information, so that you can then describe your capabilities

  • relying on relationships to win the day

What Selling with Insight Is Knowing what is not selling with insight helps you move your team away from unproductive behaviors toward real insight-driven conversations.

Selling with insight  is...

  • going into a conversation with a point of view and being able to share research, observations, or a hypothesis that is relevant to the customer's business

  • focusing on what the customer's peers, competitors, or other companies serving similar industries are doing 

  • articulating a point of view, perspectives and insights that make a customer see things differently delivering value through the conversation itself

Give to Get Through selling with insight, dialogue happens organically. As a sales person gives insight, the customer will often open up and give back insight into their world.


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